Arend Hilhorst - manager IT operations Greenchoice

Greenchoice is a supplier of green energy and a satisfied customer of the Smartdc datacenters. We made the decision for Smartdc because of their high quality data center and their attention for sustainability. The data center runs on green energy and they are investigating on how to recover waste heat. This is for us, as a green company, of the utmost importance.

Short lines

We rent several racks in the Rotterdam data center as well as in the Heerlen data center. Together with Eurofiber, Smartdc realized two redundant dark fibers between our office and the Rotterdam data center and between Rotterdam and Heerlen. One of the things I like about Smartdc is the professional, yet flat organization. The lines are very short and whenever we need something, the managing director Richard Boogaard is always available and prepared to help us or think along with us. Besides this, Smartdc offers a great value for our money.

Pleasant work environment

Our team is very pleased with the new entrance and facilities in Rotterdam. Not only does it look outstanding, there is also enough space to settle and work comfortably. Especially when there is an incident, a decent commodity really proves to be worthwhile. Sometimes our engineers work unusual hours. A pleasant work environment is not a frivolous luxury in those cases.

About greenchoice

Greenchoice is the supplier of 100% green energy and forest compensated gas to over 360.000 customers. Amongst those customers are large enterprises and a quarter of all Dutch townships.

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