Reliability and continuity with an advanced powerhouse.

Uptime of the data center is essential for Smartdc. Smartdc focuses on performance to ensure companies are online 24/7. Smartdc guarantees 99.9999% uptime. To guarantee this uptime, Schneider Electric realized an advanced powerhouse that makes an important contribution to growth and continuity, while saving energy.

If the data center is down for just for a moment, this will have major consequences. End customers will have to spend a lot of time on fixing the database and millions can be lost due to the unavailability of services hosted in the data center. The quality and innovativeness of the hardware must be of a high level to be able to meet the requirements. Schneider Electric provides this for us.

The challenge

In recent years, Smartdc has grown considerably and the data center is constantly being expanded. The power supply must grow in line in order to make future expansion possible as well.

The power supply has a vital function for the operation of the data center. Therefore, Smartdc started looking for a total supplier of well-coordinated solutions that can be integrated. Due to the complexity of the project, the assignment of project management to the supplier was also a wish. This way, the implementation time could be kept as short as possible, with a view to minimizing the risks to the availability of the data center activities.

The electricity costs make up a large part of the total costs of the data center. Improving the energy efficiency of the infrastructure was an important point for attention for Schneider Electric.


The components of the total solution:

– Galaxy VX UPS
– Transformer
– RM6 Medium voltage installation
– Main distributor
– Busbar system for connecting the entire installation

Always online with 99.9999% uptime

The total solution consists of fully coordinated elements, making problem-free integration possible. Smartdc is prepared for further growth with this new powerhouse. It is designed so that it can easily be expanded.

Miquel Poaz Diaz, Account Executive Cloud & Service Providers at Schneider Electric.


The Galaxy VX UPS ensures that the power supply is running continuously. In case of a power outage, the UPS system can keep the entire data center up and running for 20 minutes. This is more than enough time for the generators to start up. In addition, the Galaxy VX is a UPS that is also very effective and efficient with a low load.

Smartdc is always on

In addition to supplying the hardware, the entire project management of this complex project was taken up and implemented by Schneider Electric. As a result, Smartdc had a single point of contact and was completely relieved. Due to a good planning, the project was implemented successfully within time and budget.

The reliability and continuity of the data center are guaranteed with the new powerhouse.

Richard Boogaard, Managing Director at Smartdc.

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