Colocation for VoIP

Colocation for hosted VoIP

Benefits of hosted VoIP

Companies can choose to have a telephone exchange in their business premises but can also opt for hosted VoIP. If the telephone exchange is in a data center, we speak of hosted VoIP.

The start-up costs of hosted VoIP are significantly lower compared to a local VoIP exchange. After all, there is no need to have a VoIP exchange in the business premises because you rent an exchange from the provider. In addition, hosted VoIP exchange is monitored by the provider. The provider is responsible for the maintenance and management of the hosted VoIP environment.

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Why choose for colocation of VoIP services in a data center?

The facilities within a data center are designed to exclude as many risks as possible. Data centers provide, among other things, a stable and conditioned environment where you can safely place your business-critical hardware thanks to various protection measures such as climate control, constant power supply and fire protection measures. Within Smartdc, all these facilities are redundant. These types of measures can often not be optimally implemented within a regular business premises, which means that business data can be lost in the event of a disaster. With colocation for VoIP, a reliable data center offers a solution.

Hosted VoIP requires a solution that combines high performance, low latency and optimum uptime. When on the phone, the end customer does not want to experience any delay or echo during the phone call. In addition to a requirement for low latency, the prevention of downtime is also an important pillar for VoIP. VoIP providers need a reliable and fast infrastructure with optimum availability. Colocation for VoIP services is an ideal solution for hosted VoIP providers.


Connectivity is essential within the business of hosted VoIP. At Smartdc we ensure that you are always online. Read more about connectivity within Smartdc.


At Smartdc you are online 24/7 via the carrier of your choice. Smartdc is carrier neutral, which means that you can choose yourself which providers you connect to. In the meet-me-room of Smartdc you can connect with large parties such as Colt, BT, Liberty Global (Ziggo), Tele2, CenturyLink and


In our Rotterdam data center, both the NL-iX and the R-iX have a Point of Presence. Connecting to the AMS-IX is possible through a partner program. A NL-iX PoP is available in Heerlen.

Cloud connectivity

Are you looking for a direct connection with one of the major Cloud providers? We are happy to help you connect to, for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.

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Our VoIP customers


Network services from is the sister company of Smartdc. manages a 1 TB + worldwide IPv4 / IPv6 network (AS49544) with more than 120,000 km of fiber optic. The premium network of consists of several Tier-1 providers and connections to the largest internet exchanges in the world.

In addition, has more than 35 Points of Presence in data centers throughout the world, including a backbone across multiple transatlantic fibers. The network services offered by include infrastructure (dedicated, colocation, cloud), which can be fully managed by or the customer himself, depending on the needs of the customer. A 24/7 NOC team also continuously optimizes traffic routing and overall network performance.

Besides, the network is owned by Therefore, is able to manage the network, so they can optimize a high bandwidth and low latency network that is eligible for high performance applications such as SaaS products. This entire infrastructure is therefore also extremely suitable for hosted VoIP services.

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