Always cool

Cooling is one of the main reasons to relocate hardware to a datacenter. In Smartdc’s suites, the temperature is always 24 C, even on the hottest summer day. The suites are being cooled thoroughly because of the unique modular concept.

In most datacenters, you’ll see a cold corridor between the servers. Smartdc has chosen to place the warm corridor in the center of the suite, placing the servers with their front to the outer side.

Unique design

The warm back of the servers is directed to the center, where the warm air is being extracted. Because of this unique design a major part of the suites is filled with cold air. The advantage of this design is that in case there is a cooling error, the suites will remain cool for a longer period of time, reducing the impact of a cooling incident.

On top of every suite are four Stulz ASD 451-airco machines, which operate continuously. The cold air is being spread across the suite by an air sock. Thanks to this system, the air is distributed evenly, without draught.

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N+1 setup

  • N+1 setup for every suite

Air sock technology

  • Draught free


  • Unique design keeps suites cold for longer