Very early smoke detection

Very Early Smoke Detection

All suites are equipped with a VESDA-system, a Very Early Smoke Detection and Activation-system. If there ever is smoke or a fire, this system helps prevent it from spreading by detecting it very early and sending out an alarm.

In the Smartdc’s datacenters there are a gas fire extinguishing systems installed. For obvious reasons, in a datacenter it is not preferable to extinguish fire with water. Therefore at Smartdc we chose a extinguishing system with Argonite gas. The walls of each suite have a fire resistancy of 120 minutes. One of the advantages of Smartdc’s modular concept is that a fire in one of the suites will have no impact on the other suites.

Vibration free system

During a gas extinguishing there will be sound vibrations, because the gas is pressed through the vents under high pressure. To prevent hard disks from getting damaged, nozzles have been placed on the pipes to reduce the sound.

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