Looking back on Smartdc’s 10th anniversary event

Smartdc celebrated its 10th anniversary on July 4, 2019. 10 years is a special milestone, and this was extensively celebrated with the customers and relations of the data center.

During the event, Stijn Grove of the Dutch Data Center Association spoke about the importance of a good infrastructure for the digital economy, and the essential role that the data center sector plays in this. He also spoke about why the city of Rotterdam should invest in the digital infrastructure. Not only the city, but the entire Dutch digital economy will be able to benefit from this in the future.

Richard Boogaard, Managing Director of Smartdc, looked back on 10 years of Smartdc in his speech, and how Smartdc grew from an empty hall of 3500 m² into the modern data center that it is today. From the plans that emerged in 2008, to the acquisition by Ubisoft as the final milestone.

A festive gathering
After the speeches, it was time to raise the glasses and make a toast to the 10th anniversary of Smartdc. Then the buffet could be opened. In the sun everyone enjoyed the barbecue and drinks that were well cared for by Smokey Goodness. Smokey Goodness has recently opened a restaurant on the site of the Van Nelle factory.

Guided tours of the data center were given for those interested. Guests who missed the opening of the new Smartdc last year were pleasantly surprised by the “new” modern look of the data center.

Attention was also requested for Stichting Jarige Job. This foundation is committed to the 61,000 children in the Netherlands who cannot celebrate their birthday because there is no money at home for it.

10 years Smartdc

In 2008 Richard Boogaard and Stijn Koster came into contact with each other. Stijn Koster is the founder of i3D.net, a global managed hosting provider, and also co-founder of Smartdc. Then the idea arose to build its own data center. Smartdc had been looking for a suitable location for almost a year. The search eventually led to the historic Van Nelle factory. Smartdc has been located since 2009 in the former distribution center of the Van Nelle factory. It is not only the historical aspect that makes it a special location, but the location is also unique because it is directly connected to the glass fiber network and the 23 kV power network of the port of Rotterdam.