Opening Smartdc Phase 2

Maarten Struijvenberg, Alderman of Rotterdam, officially opened the new Smartdc Data Center, housed in the former Van Nelle Factory Building. The data center has undergone a complete metamorphosis, making it one of the most modern and open data centers in the world.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands June 7, 2018

Smartdc has been located in the former distribution center of the Van Nelle Factory since 2009. Where once coffee, tea and tobacco were stored and distributed, it now houses vast amounts of data that fuel the world’s games, content, applications and websites. Following a thorough renovation, the data center now covers an area of 3,500 m2,  with an entirely open character due to the use of glass walls throughout. This makes the whole technical installation visible to Smartdc clients and visitors. “In line with our transparent business operations, Smartdc offers data center services with an emphasis on continuity, quality and reliability,” says Richard Boogaard, Managing Director of Smartdc.

In addition to the transparent interior design, investments have been made in the emergency power supply, security and cooling. The data center’s connectivity was already at the top level and is continuously being improved. Working on the assumption that “everything breaks down at some point,” all the technology has been made redundant, including Smartdc’s emergency power system. There are two completely separate powerhouses connected to the 23kV mains supply. Each has its own UPS cluster, so that in case of failure, power will continue to be supplied to the entire data center and the emergency generators will have ample time to come online.

The many diesel generators can supply the data center with emergency power at all times thanks to the storage of 15,000 litres of fuel and an agreement with fuel suppliers to deliver fuel within four hours. Should a power interference occur in the 23kV mains supply to which Smartdc is connected, everything possible is done to enable the servers run unimpeded.

The security of the data center has been tightened preventively. In addition to the 24/7 physical security and camera surveillance, biometric security systems with two-factor authentication are in place to limit access to only those parts of the data center where the user has established rights. This prevents any one client being able to access other clients’ equipment. Other access controls include a digital white list.

Unique to Smartdc is the cooling method used. Smartdc utilizes closed hot and cold aisles, resulting in improved efficiency. The use of air sock control in the cold aisle ensures optimum distribution of cold air.

The entire renovation of the entrance and the former loading docks of the building formerly housing the Van Nelle Factory was carried out in consultation with the architect of the Van Nelle Factory and specialists from the Rotterdam municipality, ensuring that the external appearance of this UNESCO monument is preserved intact.

Smartdc is part of the Performance Group. The Performance Group also includes the Limburg Data Center Smartdc Heerlen and the performance hosting provider B.V. based in Rotterdam in and Los Angeles.