The London Internet Exchange - A non-profit exchange


The London Internet Exchange spans all major cloud, data communications, telecommunications, financial, and enterprise companies across more than 85 countries worldwide.

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Uniting Networks, Igniting the Internet

The London Internet Exchange is a mutually governed internet exchange point that provides peering services and public policy representation to network operators. LINX operates internet exchange points in the United Kingdom and the USA.

LINX connects users to cloud services, facilitating the creation and maintenance of closed user groups, private VLANs and granting access to colocated infrastructure. With advanced peering and other interconnection services, businesses can improve performance, control, and costs. Managing all connectivity instances is made easy with direct routes between end-user infrastructure, customers, and services. LINX merges the flexibility and transparency of a member-owned organization with the reliability of critical national infrastructure.

As a non-profit organization, LINX invests service and membership fees into strengthening all network services and ensuring that infrastructure is up-to-date, remaining at the forefront of the IXP industry, and providing users with improved network performance, low latency, and more control. LINX also represents its members on matters of public policy related to the internet, improving their recognition within the industry and building the future of networking.

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