Power Distribution Units

PDU is short for Power Distribution Unit. A PDU is equipped with multiple ports which are designed for distributing and managing power. PDU monitoring improves efficiency and uptime. Once you have chosen the amount of rack space, you can choose a specific PDU. Smartdc offers a variety of Schleifenbauer PDU types. Schleifenbauer PDUs are of the highest quality, guaranteeing the safest possible solution for your environment within the data center.

Redundant A-feed and B-feed

It is important to effectively protect critical IT infrastructure within a data center against power outages. Making the power supply redundant provides this protection. With a redundant path the equipment is connected to two power supplies, the so-called A- and B-feed.

PDUs are equipped with an A feed and B feed, which means that each power source has its own utility feed (or power supply). A redundant A and B feed provide extra security. If one of the power paths fails due to a malfunction or due to necessary maintenance, the energy supply of the equipment is still guaranteed as a result.

Standard PDU

This standard model comes with each rack you rent. An additional unit is mounted at the top of your rack for the secondary feed or B-feed.

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Vertical PDU

Depending on the amount of rack space you reserved (1/2 rack or a full rack), our vertically mounted PDUs come in a master version (default) and a slave version for the second half of each rack. These PDUs are mounted to the walls of each rack giving you an optimal amount of space for cable management. The slave is connected to the master version via a 0.5m Wieland cable. This combination allows maximum flexibility and convenience during maintenance.

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High Density PDU

One of the more regularly used PDUs for high-density cabinets are the Passthrough A-feed model and Passthrough B-feed model. Each model comes with a standard 32 Amps CEE outlet, which you can mount to your own (switched) PDU.

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Looking for a custom solution?

It is also possible to order custom PDUs in your rack. Do you have questions about this? Please contact one of our Account Managers for the options.

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