Maximum reliability

Investing in certainty

Smartdc constantly invests in improvements on the power network. In 2017, a second powerhouse was built, making the power supply in the datacenter fully redundant. Every rack has a entirely seperated A- and B-feed.

The datacenter is connected to the 23kV-network that was built for the Rotterdam port. Compared to the ‘regular’ 10kV network that Rotterdam homes and offices are connected to, the port network is significantly less prone to outages.

Upon entering the datacenter, the power is distributed over two transformators, making the A- and B-feed entirely redundant. Because of this setup, Smartdc meets the standards for a TIER-IV certification.


Smartdc Rotterdam has two fully seperated powerhouses, with two UPS-clusters that make sure the power level at the datacenter will stay up without the slightest interruption. These UPS can keep the datacenter running for about 15 minutes, which is more than enough time to start the generators.


The datacenter has two clusters with together five SDMO V700 diesel generators, which can provide the datacenter with power for about three days. The is a fuel supply of 7500 literes, and Smartdc has an SLA with a fuel supplier nearby, in which is stated that the fuel can be replenished within four hours at all times.

In-house electrician

Smartdc has an in-house certified electrician, who is certified to work with medium voltage. This means within office hours, there is an expert on-site to take action immediately in case of incidents.

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