Smartdc Rotterdam

Industrial power

Smartdc is the largest data center in the South Holland province, measuring up to over 37.000 square feet. The data center is the only data center which is connected to the industrial 23 kV power grid. This network has been built for the Rotterdam port and is a significantly less prone to outages than the ‘regular’ 10 kV network on which Rotterdam homes and offices are connected to.


The power network within the data center has been built entirely redundant. This means that all entities where a fault could occur have been installed in twofold. With this setup the data center meets all requirements for a TIER-IV certification.

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On-site technical support team

The data center has an on-site technical support team. These support employees can be on-site to work in our clients racks within minutes. Apart from the support team, there is also a specialized network operations center (NOC) with network specialists who can advise Smartdc’s clients about the best technical solutions for their network connections.

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Van Nelle factory

The data center is situated in the historical Van Nelle Factory. This former coffee and tea factory has been converted into the Van Nelle Design Factory in the nineties, and is home to about 80 large and small companies.

In 2014, the Van Nelle Factory has been listed by UNESCO as one of the ten Dutch world heritage sites, placing it on the same list as for example the Amsterdam canals and the windmills in Kinderdijk.

Also see our Heerlen data center

Smartdc’s second data center is situated in Heerlen, over 100 meters above sea level. Exactly between Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels and Paris.

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