Rules of Conduct and Security

1. Rules of conduct

1.1 It is not permitted to bring highly inflammable substances, explosives, poisonous or radioactive substances, acids or bases, or containers with pressurized gas into the Smartdc facility. Small quantities of detergent, for example to clean a screen, are permitted.

1.2 It is not permitted to enter the Smartdc facility area when under the influence of alcohol or other inebriant or intoxicating substances that may influence a person’s motor system and/or state of mind.

1.3 Inside the Smartdc facility, visitors must behave in accordance with general standards of decency.

1.4 Visitors must use the shortest route to reach equipment of customer.

1.5 It is not permitted to bring any liquids into the protected co-location area.

1.6 It is not permitted to smoke or use open fire in the protected co-location area.

1.7 It is not permitted to bring and/or consume any food or drinks in the protected co-location area. Consumption is only permitted in the public space of the facility. It is permitted to use the coffee machine (free of charge) and the soft drinks machine (paid).

1.8 It is not permitted to stay in other co-location areas than those where equipment of customer is located. Entering the adjacent protected co-location areas is explicitly prohibited.

1.9 Entrance doors to protected co-location areas must always be closed, except when entering these rooms.

1.10 It is not permitted to operate or relocate equipment of which a person is not the owner or lessee.

1.11 It is not permitted to relocate cables, directly or indirectly, of which a person is not the owner or lessee.

1.12 Customer equipment may only be placed into the cabinet(s) designated by Smartdc, and work may only be performed to customer’s own equipment inside the co-location area designated for this purpose.

1.13 It is only permitted to use the power supply allocated by Smartdc. Any failures of this supply must be reported immediately to the reception desk or Smartdc’s employees.

1.14 Customer equipment or other equipment placed or used inside the Smartdc co-location area must meet the applicable Dutch norms for fire safety and electricity safety and electromagnetic shielding, including the ESD safety norms and requirements as established by ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Association).

1.15 In the course of installation, maintenance and operation of customer equipment, the installation and safety instructions of the manufacturer must be followed at all times.

1.16 Packaging material of customer equipment sent to Smartdc must be removed in the dispatch room(goods reception area) before installing the equipment in the Co-location Area. Such material can be left in the designated space of the facility, whereupon Smartdc shall take care of removal.

1.17 The instructions of Smartdc employees and security guards must always be followed.

1.18 Any installation of cables and wiring on or on behalf of customer outside the cabinets may only be performed by Smartdc personnel.

1.19 Customers are responsible for the disposal of all shipping materials and other waste brought to the Smartdc datacenter, whether inside or outside the facility. Waste can be discarded in designated locations within Smartdc datacenters. Electronic waste must not be discarded in or around Smartdc; rather, all electronic waste must be taken away by the Customer to a licensed collection center. Waste disposal can also be arranged via Smartdc Basic remote hands service for the standard hourly rate charge.

2. Security regulations

2.1 Upon entering the protected co-location area where equipment of customer is set up, the (presence and location of the) following items must be verified:

  • Fire detector;
  • Fire extinguisher;
  • Transparent warning sheets of the extinguishing gas installation;
  • Alternative exit and escape route.

2.2 The protected co-location areas are equipped with smoke detectors as well as a fire extinguishing gas installation.

2.3 In case of smoke emission from customer equipment, it is obligatory to do or refrain from doing the following:

  • Try to stop the smoke emission by switching off customer equipment;
  • Never under any circumstances switch on again the defective customer equipment;
  • Leave the protected co-location area and report at the reception desk

2.4 In case of a beginning fire, customer shall undertake the following actions:

  • Break the cover glass of a red fire detector, which will alert the fire brigade, the security guard and/or the responsible Smartdc employee;
  • Try to end a beginning fire by means of the fire extinguisher hanging beside the entrance door of the colocation area;
  • In case it is not possible to extinguish a beginning fire, customer shall immediately go to the reception desk (without using the elevator), where customer shall await further instructions from the security guard and/or fire brigade and/or the responsible Smartdc employee;

2.5 In case of automatic fire detection, the fire brigade and the security guards will be alerted automatically and the fire extinguishing gas installation will be activated. In addition, the doors of all protected co-location areas will be unbolted. Irrespective of the fact whether customer observes the fire himself, he will have to comply immediately with the following instructions:

  • If the red warning light in the co-location area is on, this co-location area must be cleared immediately. The co-location area will be filled up with extinguishing gas forcing out the oxygen!
  • If the red warning light is on, this co-location area may not be entered under any circumstances.
  • The illumination of the red warning light is accompanied by an acoustic alarm.

2.6 The Smartdc co-location area is equipped with electronic smoke detectors. In case of smoke detection, all swing doors in the building will be closed and an acoustic alarm will be activated. In addition, the doors of all protected rooms and emergency exits will be unbolted.

2.7 If the alarm is activated and the swing doors in the building are closed customer should:

  • Leave the building immediately.

2.8 If customer detects any smoke emission or fire, he must immediately:

  • Warn the reception desk (number +3110 850 1115);
  • Leave the building.
  • If the acoustic alarm goes off and the swing doors in the co-location area are automatically closed, customer must:
  • Leave the building immediately.

2.9 Prevention of injury:

  • Avoid all action or conduct that may lead to your own or another person’s injury;
  • In case of increased risk of injury in the performance of work in the protected co- location area(s) please inform the reception desk or security service of this risk;
  • If customer receives injury inside the Smartdc co-location area in the form of grazes, cuts or burns or contusions, he must report at once at the reception desk (number +3110 850 1106) where a First Aid kit can be found or customer can be referred to a company aid worker.

2.10 Risk of Electrocution

  • Any work to equipment or circuitry involving the risk of contact with the mains voltage may exclusively be carried out by authorized persons according to the norm NEN 3140
  • Electric shocks caused by mains voltage or electrostatic discharge must be reported to the reception desk immediately.