Why do businesses choose for fiber to the office?

In the 1990s we had to wait patiently for the dial-up connection to be established in order to watch faltering YouTube videos. Today this is completely different. The digital revolution has caused explosive growth in the amount of data traffic. We send a business email, listen to Spotify, watch a 4K Netflix series and the children play an online video game with their friends. All this must be done simultaneously and at lightning speed; welcome to the digital economy!

Corporate glass fiber: a way to improve the performance of your business.

Digital revolution
The above example is a situation that everyone will recognize in their own home situation, but data use has also increased exponentially in the business world due to the digital revolution. The age of digitization has shaped our economy into a digital economy; an economy that is driven by computer technology and data (processing). Consequently, the digitization of business has had a huge impact on the demand for fast and high-quality digital infrastructure.

Increasing capacity demand
As the volume of data increases, the current IT infrastructure comes under pressure. The digital infrastructure consists of internet connections, Internet Exchanges, data centers, cloud and hosting companies. This infrastructure ensures that data is collected, stored, processed and sent. The increasing demand for capacity requires an infrastructure that must continue to meet latency and bandwidth requirements, today and in the near future. Above all, glass fiber plays an important role in this.

What is glass fiber?
Glass fiber is one of the developments that contribute to an improved infrastructure to be able to process the current and future amount of data.

Glass fiber is a very fine fiber made of glass. Through a glass fiber connection, data can be sent from A to B at lightning speed. The data is sent by means of a light beam that is produced by a laser. The faster the laser blinks, the faster the data can be sent. On average, a glass fiber connection performs many times faster than an internet connection via copper.

In 2005, the first municipality in Brabant in the Netherlands was connected to the glass fiber network. The use of fiber optics has grown enormously since then, at the end of 2016 2.65 million households made use of a fiber optic connection. This is expected to rise to 3.05 million in 2021 (Telecompaper, 2017).

Why is Internet speed important to your company?
A reliable internet connection is essential for business because it can save costs and time. Employees perform less when business applications are slow or malfunction due to an unstable connection. Due to a fast connection, internal and external business processes can run smoothly, ensuring innovation, profitability and most importantly, satisfied customers.

Fiber to the office
Many Smartdc customers are connected to the data center with their own business glass fiber connection (fiber to the office). The benefits of this are;

– direct connection to the data center;
– data does not pass through the public network;
– a service discussed in advance in the event of a malfunction;
– possibility of reserving more capacity;
– future-proof.

With fiber to the office, your office is assured of an optimum connection to the internet and your valuable data is safe for the outside world. In addition, fiber is scalable, which means that companies are prepared for future development and further growth of their data traffic.

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