Private suite: Your own mini data center

Securely connect your business to the rest of the world

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Modular design with Autonomous Suites

Our private suites can house up to 48 full racks, where you can organize your own mini data center. Every suite is equipped with personal biometric security monitoring so that unauthorized people cannot access your equipment.
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Private suite

Secure and spacious private suites

Smartdc data centers let you safely connect your IT infrastructure, whether you want to set your own equipment in a colocation space or create your private mini data center. Deploy and connect your hardware with the highest level of security to keep your business-critical applications safe and running.

Redundant cooling

N+1 cooling system
Constant temperature with climate control
Airsock system for draft prevention
Surrounding cold corridor

Excellent fire safety

VESDA system for immediate smoldering detection
Argonite gas fire suppression
Fire resistant walls up to 60 minutes

2N+1 power supply

Entirely redundant A- and B-feed
Direct connection to the 23 kV harbor power grid

Own security

Private space with biometric access control
Camera security
Access registration
Motion sensors

Safeguard your infrastructure

Biometric security devices protect your private mini data center so only you and people you trust can enter, and our software keeps an automated entry log. You can also take extra security measures, such as installing cameras, with which we’re happy to help.

Aside from the physical security, your mini data center is equipped with cooling, power, and fire security facilities to protect the operation conditions of your infrastructure footprint.

Connect to the world

Our facilities offer redundant connections to our Meet-me rooms in each suite, allowing you to leverage our rich connectivity ecosystem. Whether you need to connect to other data centers, your offices, the cloud, or simply to your end-users, we got you covered.

On-site expert support

Our on-site experts can help you with maintenance through Remote Hands, equipment shipping, and much more. If you need a different rack size, additional cooling, special security arrangements, or more power, we are happy to arrange it for you.

Our suites give you access to the rich ecosystem of our data center with all the benefits of a private environment, making them the central point in your hybrid IT strategy and a true gateway to the world.

Key safety and connectivity features in our data centers

Contributing to a more sustainable world

We operate on 100% renewable energy sources and closely monitor the power consumption of our hardware, lowering the environmental impact and increasing efficiency. Smartdc has committed to actively contribute toward global carbon neutrality and is employing innovative solutions to achieve this, such as using heat pumps to recycle residual heat.

Our customers

Here are some of the companies we are proud to provide our services to:

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