Smartdc prioritizes sustainable operation, providing a better world for future generations.


Ubisoft Play Green

Striving for global carbon neutrality

As a global company, Smartdc has a responsibility to operate sustainably, providing a better world for future generations. As part of the Ubisoft family, Smartdc and our sister company,, have committed to actively contributing to global carbon neutrality with Ubisoft’s long-term plan to play green.

Sustainable innovation

Increased hardware lifespan

Smartdc closely monitors the power consumption of our hardware, allowing us to increase hardware efficiency and thus prolong the equipment’s operational period. Fully depreciated equipment is further passed on to be recycled.

Powered by 100% renewable energy

We are committed to a more sustainable tomorrow. Today, our data centers operate on 100% renewable energy sources, as certified by our energy partner, Vattenfall. For the near future, we are investigating innovative solutions to recycle waste heat and become more energy efficient.

Heating up over 100 offices in Rotterdam

To reduce natural gas consumption, Smartdc Rotterdam installed 3 state-of-the-art heat pumps.

The Rotterdam data center will be using residual heat generated by our servers to heat up the Van Nelle Factory and the offices within during the cold months, sharply reducing the usage of gas and electricity for heating, thus saving significant amounts of CO2.

We will also be reducing our own electricity usage as a result, making our data center more efficient. Read more about the heat pumps project.

Van Nelle Fabriek
Dutch Data Center Association

In cooperation with the Dutch Data Center Association

Smartdc is one of the founding members of the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA). With our Founder and Managing Director, Richard Boogaard, being an active board member of the DDA, we are actively helping other Dutch data centers transition to be fully sustainable.

Make your data or compute more sustainable

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