Cloud Connectivity

Connect to over 12 public clouds directly from our datacenters with up to 10Gbps.

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High performance colocation

Performance oriented Data centers. Benefit from our excellent infrastructure, connectivity, expertise and support within our highly secured datacenters.

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Tour the DC

Do you want to take a closer look in one of our state-of-the-art data centers? No problem, we are happy to give you a guided tour. Our datacenter experts will guide you through our facilities.

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Scale public, private or hybrid cloud with our flexible solutions.

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Business Center Solutions

SmartDC offers tenants and business centre’s exclusive deals for high speed internet, colocation and storage services.

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SmartDC operates carrier neutral datacenters with direct backbone connectivity to the internet. Our meet-me-rooms house over 20 international carriers offering services such as IP Transit, IP Peering, Remote Peering, DWDM wavelengths, dark-fiber, Metro-loops and local loops, IP VPN, Long Haul Ethernet, ISDN, VOIP, Mobile and xDSL lines. The SmartDC datacenters are connected from multiple fiber paths to multiple in-house meet-me-rooms. The meet-me-rooms connect to ODFs and with redundant fiber ducts to your racks at SmartDC. We offer an open marketplace for carriers and IP Transit providers to connect to networks, end-users, ISPs.

Internet Exchanges

SmartDC offers direct connectivity to the following internet exchanges:
  • AMS-IX; available AMS-IX partner program
  • NL-IX; available in-house
  • DE-CIX; available through 10 on-site carriers
  • LINX; available through 10 on-site carriers

IP Transit

Large Tier-1 networks like Level3 and Cogent offer services in the SmartDC Meet-me-Rooms. This offers the advantage to directly connect to the backbone of the internet without local fiber or any other 3rd party dependencies. Your account manager is available to introduce you to the key account managers. SmartDC also offers direct connectivity to over 10 other IP Transit providers.

Cloud Connectivity

SmartDC offers a solid backbone from its datacenters. Additionally connectivity to over twelve cloud platforms is possible directly from SmartDC datacenters. Our partners are approved AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Google Carrier Interconnect partners and can offer low latency connectivity directly to cloud environments. Point to Point or Point to Multi-Point for multiple providers or redundancy is available. Connection speeds range from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, with or without SLAs covering packet delivery from 99.8 to 99.99%. Contact us for more information about connectivity.

Transport Networks

A large number of carriers provide services in the SmartDC meet-me-rooms to connect to other datacenters, end-users, offices and other ISPs using the following services:
  • Dark fiber
  • Wavelength
  • DWDM
  • MPLS
  • Metro fiber
  • Local fiber
  • Long haul Ethernet
  • xDSL
  • ISDN
  • 4G LTE WiMax
  • WiMax
  • Radio / point to point wireless

Fiber ducts

SmartDC datacenters have multiple points of entry. Fiber ducts connect the entry points with all Meet-me-Rooms (MMR), customer suites and racks. Fiber is managed by SmartDC staff. Each fiber is properly numbered, securely installed and patched to ODFs. Our engineers are available to install, clean, repair and replace fibers 24x7x365. By using ducts for UTP and special ducts for fiber, we operate a clean datacenter without cabling hot spots and near zero possibility on fiber breaks.

Ready to connect?

Contact your account manager for more information on how to connect to a SmartDC MMR or e-mail SmartDC sales for pricing and availability of MMR providers.



SmartDC-Level 3 SmartDC-Cogent
SmartDC-KPN SmartDC-Tele2
SmartDC-BT SmartDC-Joint-Transit
SmartDC-ziggo SmartDC-eunetworks
SmartDC-NLIX SmartDC-Eurofiber
SmartDC-UPC-Business SmartDC-CBizz
SmartDC-GTT SmartDC-Open Peering
SmartDC-Relined SmartDC-Global Crossing

SmartDC datacenters for connectivity

Internet Backbone

Large Tier 1 internet backbones connect to the SmartDC Meet-me-Rooms. We offer direct connectivity to the 3 largest networks worldwide without 3rd party location dependencies.

Carrier Neutral

Our Meet-me-Rooms offer over 20 international networks to connect to. SmartDC offers patching between carriers, ISPs, customers. Your account manager can assist introducing parties.

International Reach

The SmartDC Meet-me-Rooms offer direct connectivity to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Washington D.C., New York, San Jose and 30 more cities.

Open Marketplace

In our open Meet-me-Room marketplace connected parties negotiate pricing directly with carriers. All Tier 1 providers offer direct end-user connectivity and contracts.