NL-ix - The Neutral Internet Exchange


The Neutral Internet Exchange is the largest international Interconnect Exchange with 616 member networks and operating leading Internet Exchanges in Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Paris, Marseille, and London.

Available in data center:

Fully meshed low latency network

The Neutral Internet Exchange, established in 2001, is distributed across 74 data centers in 31 European cities in 13 countries with 600+ member networks. NL-ix is considered among the top internet exchanges globally, with a focus not on metropolitan ‘islands of interconnection’ but a fully meshed international interconnection fabric. It offers a range of transport, transit, and training services.

The evolution of the IX model and the development of new pure-play B2B cloud interconnection businesses enabled NL-ix to integrate the two sides entirely. The synergy between the Internet Exchange and interconnection services is powerful: IX members drive and benefit from the international distribution and the quality of the core network, while the exchange offers every form of interconnection, everywhere – free peering, premium peering, routing, cloud connection, and dedicated transport.

NL-ix works constructively with other internet exchanges in Europe and beyond. Today, all of this has made NL-ix Europe’s most experienced – and most extensive – international Interconnect Exchange. NL-ix has 616 member networks and operates leading Internet Exchanges in Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Paris, Marseille, and London. These Exchanges are no island of interconnection but instead Exchanges with a local value and a European reach.

NL-ix operates a number of connectivity initiatives, including:


In early 2017, NL-ix relaunched R_iX, the leading internet exchange for the Greater Rotterdam/The Hague area. The exchange has PoPs in 10 data centers in the Rotterdam/The Hague area and gives access to, among many others, KPN, Google, Akamai, and the .nl and .be root nameservers.

Open Peering Initiative

Open Peering Initiative specializes in Autonomous Internet and was established to provide uncongested bandwidth at all exchange points, as well as monitor the exchange ports to keep them within acceptable levels of usage. It has a long and successful track record in assisting both Provider and Business customers to achieve maximal results from implementing and running an Autonomous Internet network.

Joint Transit

Joint Transit, a community of over 100 members, facilitates interconnection between networks via a selection of transit providers, combining it with Peering to improve and stabilize critical routes or cut costs. Using multiple transit providers over different ports also guarantees redundancy.

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