KPN - Dutch network with green ambitions


KPN provides internet, television, and mobile connections in the Netherlands and is recognized as the world’s most sustainable telecom company.

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Providing connectivity to the Dutch since 1881.

KPN strives to make the Netherlands the best-connected country globally by providing secure, reliable, and future-proof networks and services to connect people and devices anytime, anywhere while offering opportunities for a prosperous and cleaner world thanks to its sustainable development working method. Since 2015, KPN operations have been 100% climate-neutral and only use green energy.

In 1881, KPN created the public telephone network of the Netherlands and continues this path today. Nowadays, it facilitates connectivity and provides content for private customers, businesses, education, and healthcare with a high-quality, intricate network and various services. Focusing on reliability and ease of use, KPN continuously invests in optimizing its network and pushing innovation, including 5G and fiber optics, thus being a popular digital partner for consumers and businesses in the Netherlands.

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