Fire safety

Smartdc is protected with a redundant fire safety arrangement, allowing for continuous system availability.

Fire safety

Early detection

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) systems are fine-tuned to analyze the air in each suite and detect the tiniest smoke particles to prevent fires before they even start. This system works together with our fire extinguishing installation, creating a redundant fire safety net.
Fire safety system scheme

Efficient and safe extinguishing

Fire suppressants

In case of a fire in the data center, we use argonite and nitrogen as extinguishing agents. Unlike water, these non-flammable non-toxic gasses do not damage any equipment.

Silent nozzles

Our fire extinguishers use silent nozzles to distribute extinguishing agents as high noise levels can damage the hard drives within servers. With all nozzles silenced, hard drives are not subject to additional sound vibrations in case of fire.

Fire containment

In addition, every suite can contain the fire inside for up to 1 hour, preventing the fire spread to other suites and maintaining their fully operational status.

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