Our data centers are powered by fully redundant feeds, making them less prone to power outages.


High-voltage power grid

Our Rotterdam data center is one of the largest in the region, and it’s connected to the industrial 23 kV power grid supplied by the port of Rotterdam, making it less prone to power outages.

This grid offers more than double the electric potential of regular 10 kV networks used by your house and office.

Data center power scheme

The journey

When power enters a Smartdc data center, it is distributed over two transformers connected to two powerhouses inside the data center, providing a redundant A+B power feed setup towards customer racks.

Due to this electrical architecture, Smartdc Rotterdam is a fault-tolerant data center that meets all of the requirements for a TIER-III certification.

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Powerhouse - detail

The powerhouses

Both fully separated powerhouses have two Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) clusters, maintaining steady power levels throughout the data center.

Currently, UPS clusters can keep the power running for 15 minutes, which is enough to start up the backup power generators.

Backup generators​

Smartdc data centers are equipped with SDMO diesel generators.

With a 15,000 L (c. 4,000 gals) fuel capacity, the generators can provide the data center with power for about three days while the main power grid is being restored.

SDMO generator

Powerful Advice​

An expert in-house electrician, certified to work with medium voltages, can always answer your questions and advise you regarding the power setup of your rack space or resolve any issues in case of outages.

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