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Leverage the rich ecosystem of Smartdc data centers by utilizing our colocation facilities

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Supercharge your infrastructure

Smartdc data centers let you safely connect your IT infrastructure, whether you want to set your own equipment in a colocation space or create your private mini data center. Deploy and connect your hardware with the highest level of security to keep your business-critical applications safe and running.

Modular design with Autonomous Suites

Smartdc data centers are modular, consisting of multiple suites. Each suite is an autonomous mini data center with its own redundant power supply, connectivity, cooling, security, and fire prevention systems.

Redundant cooling

N+1 setup
Constant temperature with climate control
Airsock system for draft prevention
Surrounding cold corridor

Excellent fire safety

VESDA system for immediate smoldering detection
Argonite gas fire suppression
Fire resistant walls up to 60 minutes

2N+1 power supply

Fully redundant A- and B-feeds
Direct connection to the 23 kV harbor power grid

Security measures

Biometric access control
Camera security
Access registration
Motion sensors

The central point in your IT strategy

The rich ecosystem of Smartdc data centers is perfect for your colocation needs.

From Rackspace to your own Mini Data Center

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Safeguarding your business-critical infrastructure

Because of our modular design, an outage or disruption does not affect your operations. All of our data centers’ technical features are built redundantly, so we can minimize the impact of downtime and keep your business-critical infrastructure up and running.

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Data center connected to the industrial 23 kV power grid with over 20+ carriers, internet exchanges, and direct cloud connections.

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Strategically located 100 m above sea level, with multiple carriers in-house, including a direct connection to the DE-CIX in Frankfurt.

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Smartdc Paris has multiple in-house carriers and connections to the biggest locations in Europe.

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Smartdc’s Montreal data center caters to large-scale IT infrastructure needs with solid connectivity in the North American region.

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