Colocation with 99.9999% historical uptime

Modular Design with autonomous suites

The Smartdc data centers are built modularly and consist of multiple suites. Each suite is an autonomous mini data center with its own redundant power supply and cooling equipment. Each suite has it’s own fiber connections, biometric access control, smoke detection and fire prevention systems.

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Minimal impact

Because of our modular design, any impact in one of the suites such as a power outage or a disruption in the cooling system, does not affect the rest of the data center. All technical features are fully redundant to minimize any possible impact.

Full Rack

Get your own fully secured rack in one of our data center suites. Our racks use multifunctional systems specifically designed for ease of installation and suitable for housing servers, patch panels, glass drawers, telephone panels, switches, routers and other IT equipment.
  • 46U rackspace
  • Peak load up to 32 Amps
  • Own secure door
  • Vertical PDU's Available
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Half Rack

Looking for a scalable solution without compromising your physical security? Smartdc also offers ½ racks fully secured. Planning on expanding soon? It is possible to reserve the other half.
  • 20 U rackspace
  • Peak load up to 32 Amps
  • Vertical PDU’s available
  • Own secure door
  • Rack reservation possible
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Quarter Rack

In need for a cost effective solution? Smartdc offers rackspace from a quarter rack and up.
  • 10 U rackspace
  • Peak load up to 16 Amps
  • Rack reservation possible
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Private Suite

Looking for a fully controlled environment with own power, cooling and fire prevention systems? Get your own autonomous suite within our performance data center.
  • Fully private environment
  • From 16 racks and up
  • Own design wishes possible
  • Own Cooling
  • Own security systems
  • Own power supply
  • Own fire prevention system
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Rent a Private suite

Some of our customers rent a private suite. Having a private suite has multiple advantages: no one else has physical access to your racks and you may choose to take extra security measures or make other design choices. A private suite can be described as your very own autonomous mini data center within our facility.

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Are you a hosted VoIP reseller?

Smartdc offers VoIP colocation solutions for service providers that offer hosted VoIP. For service providers that use cloud services, such as hosted VoIP, it is important to have good data connections. A data center offers suitable VoIP colocation solutions. Are you curious why companies opt for colocation of VoIP services in a data center?

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