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The largest connectivity hub in the region

Our Rotterdam data center is one of the largest in the region, measuring over 37,000 sq. ft. Housed in the historic Van Nelle Factory, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s the only data center in the Netherlands connected to the industrial 23 kV power grid, making it less prone to power outages.

Powered by renewable energy and connected to the world with over 20+ carriers, internet exchanges, and direct cloud connections, our data center is fully independent from Amsterdam in case of network overload and is the central point in your IT infrastructure strategy.

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As a global company, Smartdc has a responsibility to operate sustainably, providing a better world for future generations. 

Today, Smartdc operates on 100% renewable energy sources, and for the near future, we are investigating innovative solutions to recycle waste heat and become more energy efficient.

We’ve built our data center to be modular, creating autonomous mini data centers with their own controlled environment, including power, cooling, fire prevention systems, and security. With its modular concept, our Rotterdam data center offers private facilities from 16 racks and up.

Modular design

Key safety and connectivity features in our data centers

Your infrastructure secure and connected

Industrial Power

Smartdc Rotterdam is the only data center in South Holland connected to the 23 kV network. This industrial network was built for the port of Rotterdam and is significantly less prone to outages than the ‘regular’ 10 kV network powering Rotterdam homes and offices.

The power network within the data center has been built entirely redundant, with all possible bottlenecks having a backup solution. With this setup, the data center meets all requirements for a TIER-III certification.

Power sign

Rich Connectivity

Smartdc Rotterdam houses points-of-presence and direct connections to 20+ carriers, transit companies, and internet exchanges.

Thanks to our extensive connectivity, the data center operates independently from internet exchanges and networks in Amsterdam, so in case of traffic overload or failure there, your data is still online and available.

On-site Technical Support Team

With an on-site technical support team, our experts can assist you with your equipment for help or maintenance within minutes thanks to our Remote Hands service.

The expert team can also advise you about the best technical solutions for your network and answer your questions regarding your IT infrastructure strategy.

On-site support

Your gateway to the world

Smartdc is a carrier-neutral data center. With its strategic positioning, an in-house Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Point-of-Presence, over 20 carriers, and direct cloud connections, it has become the largest connectivity hub outside of Amsterdam. We operate independently from Amsterdam internet exchanges and networks, so in case of network overload or failure there, our data centers still stay online.

Van Nelleweg 1
3044 BC
The Netherlands

CoC# 24461236
VAT# NL820765983B01

Data center type

Carrier-neutral, modular design with private cages and private suites available


23 kV grid, 2 powerhouses with A+B feed redundancy


Constant temperature with climate control, air sock system with cold and hot corridors

Fire safety

VESDA system, 60 min. fire-resistant walls, gas extinguishers with silent nozzles


Biometric access control, video surveillance, 24/7 on-premise security officers


100% green energy

Feature availability

Colocation, Private Suites with extended safety features, Fiber to the Office


20+ in-house carriers available, direct connections to major global internet exchanges (AMS-IX, DE-CIX, Linx, NL-ix) and Cloud providers


ISO 27001 Certified
ISO 27001 is the international standard for setting up Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) regarding the reliability and security of control systems and data in Smartdc

NEN 7510 Certified
The NEN 7510 is a Dutch standard based on the ISO 27001, focusing on the security of medical information in the healthcare industry, especially on patient data

BORG 3 Certified
Smartdc data centers are certified with BORG class 3, keeping the premises safe with rigoristic standards enforced to ensure security

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Visit the historic Van Nelle Factory and meet our team of experts to see how our top-notch infrastructure and rich connectivity ecosystem can become a central point in your hybrid IT strategy.
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