Smartdc data centers have a strong focus on digital and physical security to ensure the safest and most reliable environment for your business-critical equipment.


Physical security

Smartdc complies with the BORG 3 security certificate, which guarantees an efficient security design. As physical security is one of the foundations of colocation facilities, we continuously investigate new ways of enhancing its data centers.
Data center security features

Smartdc physical security features

Facility security

Fenced area
24/7 on-site security officers
Entry speed gates
Vehicle license plate registration upon entry
Ram raid-proof

Access security

Access control lists
24/7 electronic control system
Intrusion detection and alarm
Biometric security measures
Motion sensors

Camera security

Fully digital security cameras
Indoor & outdoor surveillance
Automatic movement detection
On-premises tracking
Low-light visibility cameras

Information security

For business-critical information, physical security measures are not enough. To safeguard our customer’s assets and data, we have implemented the Information Security Management System (ISMS) for internal and external processes.

The system is fully compliant to ISO 27001 and the NEN 7510 certifications.

ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 is the international standard for setting up Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) regarding the reliability and security of control systems and data in Smartdc.

NEN 7510 Certified

The NEN 7510 is a Dutch standard based on the ISO 27001, focusing on the security of medical information in the healthcare industry, especially on patient data.

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