Hardware performs best at room temperature. Intricate cooling systems are one of the main reasons you should relocate your network hardware to a data center.


Keep it cool

In our data centers, the temperature is optimized for the best hardware performance. Our data centers keep their cool thanks to their unique modular concept.
Suite cooling scheme

Unique design

In most data centers, there’s a cold corridor between the server racks. Smartdc has placed the warm corridor in the center, with fronts of the hardware facing the outer, cold side.

The warm air from the backside of the servers is extracted, conditioned, and directed back to the cool corridors. With our unique modular design, cold air fills most of the data center. In case of any cooling failures, the equipment will remain cool longer than in other data centers, reducing the impact of a cooling incident.

Cooling setup

On top of every room there are four Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. CRAC units are backed up by a continuously operating, power-redundant N+1 chiller plant.

Every room is equipped with an air sock, evenly distributing the cold air throughout, keeping your hardware as efficient and cool as possible.

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