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Frequently asked questions

If you send an email to, a ticket will be created automatically. 

Smartdc’s customers receive an emergency phone number, to reach our support team 24/7.

If you are a customer of Smartdc, you will find this phone number in your Customer Panel, under ‘Colocation‘.

Select one of your services and go to the tab named ‘Data center’.

To enter the data center, visitors must be on our whitelist. As a customer you can whitelist your employees using the Smartdc Customer Panel.

To do this you’ll need a valid passport, ID card or drivers license.
To access your suite, your employees will need to have their fingerprints scanned.

Please make an appointment during office hours with our Customer Support Team for fingerprint scans.

Is your question not listed? Send us an email at or call +31 (010) 890 00 48.

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Our certified engineers are present on-site to reset your systems in case of technical problems. We’re also happy to help you with updates and maintenance operations.

Our certified experts can perform many types of support functions at the data center for you. Operations like rebooting servers, hardware deployment and maintenance, logistic support: shipping and receiving parcels, replacing hard disks, and assisting with various operations at the data center.