Conscia thrives by relying on Smartdc’s no-nonsense attitude

Conscia offers managed hybrid cloud solutions and support on already existing IT infrastructures. Using a team of highly qualified engineers, high-end data centers, and cooperating with the leading technology suppliers in the world, Conscia ensures that its customers are fully taken care of.

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Healthcare, Enterprises, Education, Airports


HQ in Brøndby, Denmark

From rack to private cage

Conscia has been a partner of Smartdc since 2013. Since then, Conscia has never experienced a connection drop or downtime. But the real reason they chose us is because Smartdc is a real Rotterdam company: honest, helpful, and transparent.

With our Managing Director Richard Boogaard as a direct contact person, integrity and quick responsiveness are always guaranteed. Conscia trusts us with millions of euros worth of hardware, so a strong relationship based on trust is crucial.

Jory and Richard walking through Smartdc Rotterdam Datacenter
Jory van Dam (Conscia) and Richard Boogaard (Smartdc) during a datacenter visit in Smartdc Rotterdam

Zero downtime

Our network team is very flexible, quickly responding to customer requests. When Conscia purchased new hardware which needed much more power, our tech engineers provided excellent support experience to make sure Conscia’s IT infrastructure needs are met.

The modular concept of Smartdc ensures that power supply and cooling are fine-tuned and regulated perfectly. All systems are designed in a redundant setting, so our data center provides customers with peace of mind when it comes to colocated rack space.

Conscia recognized a lot of value in our network engineering team, especially in the early years of our partnership. And it all started with a single rack.

Even though Conscia already has lots of knowledge in the networking architecture field, our experienced tech engineers can complement that with their expertise and support regarding power and cooling.

Jory van Dam and Richard Boogaard in a suite in Smartdc Rotterdam

“Other data centers only offer you the rack space and leave the rest to you, but Smartdc takes a very proactive approach, giving us the best technical solutions.”

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