Data centers: Regional connectivity hubs

With Smartdc placed at the center of your IT infrastructure, you can securely connect your business to the world

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The central point in your hybrid IT strategy​

Data centers with a unique modular concept and rich connectivity ecosystems.

Location - Rotterdam


The largest connectivity hub in the region

Location - Heerlen


Strategically located 100 meters above sea level

Smartdc's Paris Data center


Connections to the biggest locations in Europe

Smartdc's Montreal data center


IT infrastructure in the right place

Your data and IT infrastructure protected with the highest level of security and uptime.


Servers perform best at room temperature. Intricate cooling systems are one of the main reasons you should relocate your network hardware to a data center.

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Fire Safety

Every Smartdc suite is protected with a redundant protection arrangement, allowing for continuous system availability.

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Our Rotterdam data center is connected to the industrial power grid of the port of Rotterdam, making it less prone to power outages.

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Smartdc data centers have a strong focus on digital and physical security to ensure the safest and most reliable environment for your business-critical equipment.

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Smartdc is fully compliant with ISO 27001, NEN 7510, and BORG 3 standards.

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Twin Data Center Strategy

Leverage our strategically positioned data center locations to always be online and keep your data secure.

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Modular design with Autonomous Suites

Smartdc data centers are modular, consisting of multiple suites. Each suite is an autonomous mini data center with its own redundant power supply, connectivity, cooling, security, and fire prevention systems. With a private suite, physically separated from other servers, you get the highest level of protection possible with complete control over the environment, so your operations are always running safely.

The Green Project:

Contributing to a more sustainable world

We operate on 100% renewable energy sources and closely monitor the power consumption of our hardware, lowering the environmental impact and increasing efficiency. Smartdc has committed to actively contribute toward global carbon neutrality and is employing innovative solutions to achieve this, such as using heat pumps to recycle residual heat.

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