Twin Data Center Strategy

Leverage our strategically positioned data center locations to always be online and keep your data secure.

Twin data centers

Avoiding downtime is crucial for business operations

Our data centers are interconnected for instant access and redundancy. This allows you to run your operations in any one of them and ensure that no matter which data center serves you, you always get the highest possible quality of service.

In every company, business-critical applications need to be always available. If you want to ensure constant operability and data safety, choose our Twin Data Center Strategy. With our locations connected directly with high-quality fiber, if one of your servers has an issue, it will be instantly supported by a twin backup server in another location, allowing for smooth operations and minimal downtime.

The safest and most reliable way to stay online

Eliminate downtime

Twin Data Center Strategy ensures that even in a highly unlikely event, such as failure of the entire data center, your business stays online, eliminating downtime-related risks and ensuring the reliability of your services.

Strategic Locations

By choosing Smartdc, you can install and operate your servers with one company, keeping the same high level of services across the board while your data is stored in strategically positioned separate locations.
Twin data center

Why choose the Twin Data Center Strategy

  • One data center provider with excellent service.
  • Geographically separated backup servers ensuring maximum uptime.
  • Minimized risk of downtime in case of emergency or data center failure.
  • Highly optimized data security with twin backups.
  • Instant access to our rich ecosystem of carriers and partners.
  • Direct connection to’s worldwide network from all locations.

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