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Your own highway

Fiber to the Office (FttO) is a glass fiber connection between two points – your offices and Smartdc data centers – bringing you closer to the internet and the world. It allows for a fast and secure connection as the entire line is yours – no hiccups and no data passing through the public internet.

A dedicated fiber connection is one of the fastest, safest, and most efficient ways to connect your office to the data center. With a separate path, your traffic on the fiber stays outside of the internet. Together with state-of-art data encryption, your critical business traffic is safe and sound.

With Fiber to the Office, you are future-proof, as the connection provides virtually limitless scalability. FttO users can also route their office traffic through the Smartdc connectivity ecosystem to reach the public cloud, other data centers, or the internet.

Advantages of Fiber to the Office connection


Private non-shared connection
End-to-end encryption possible
Suitable for sensitive data


Speed up to 100Gbps
Equal download and upload speed
100% guaranteed speed


Guaranteed uptime
Guaranteed capacity
Fast and easily expandable


For the glassfiber connections, we work together with several international and national parties. Our sales team can advise you about the best partner for your connection.

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