Relined Fiber Network

Relined offers scalability and reliability
Relined Fiber Network, the supplier of Dark Fiber connections in Northwest Europe, provides fiber connectivity solutions for the corporate market. The Dark Fiber network offered by Relined is in total more than 30.000 km in length and boasts a high-quality infrastructure. In the Netherlands only, Relined’s Dark Fiber infrastructure covers over 14.000 km of high-quality fibers. Relined now has over 118 carrier-neutral data centers in the Netherlands and Germany. These data center locations are redundantly connected to Relined’s Dark Fiber network. 

Relined’s network in The Netherlands is uniquely located on the railroad premises (managed by ProRail) and in the high-voltage power lines (managed by TenneT), which allows the transmission of data over long distances with minimal attenuation. The locations of Smartdc in Rotterdam and Heerlen are both located right next to the railroad tracks. This made it easy to connect the Smartdc data centers to Relined’s national network. 

Smartdc’s needs

The cooperation between Smartdc and Relined began in 2014, when Smartdc was looking for a scalable and stable network between the various data center locations. Smartdc was looking for a dark fiber solution between the data center in Rotterdam, and the Internet hub in Amsterdam. 

Capacity is scalable with Dark Fiber. This makes it the ideal solution for Smartdc!

Guido Sip – Director Sales & Marketing at Relined

logical cooperation 

The cooperation between Relined and Smartdc was very direct and went very smoothly. Relined is known for their short lines of communication and they also think creatively and proactively from a customers’ perspective. The suitable solution Relined offered in combination with a competitive price resulted in the first cooperation between both organizations. 

The way in which Relined thinks along fits in well with our strategy. Therefore it is no surprise that our collaboration went so well.

Stefan Ideler, CTO, 


Since Smartdc is located next to the railway embankments, the Dark Fiber connections could be easily connected to Relined’s network. The geographically separated network means that the data centers are redundantly connected to the Internet exchanges in Amsterdam, and are now equipped to meet future demands for capacity. Moreover, Relined was able to offer this project at a competitive price.

Fiber to the office: corporate glass fiber from Smartdc

Many of Smartdc’s larger clients are connected to the data center with a private glass fiber connection. A private glass fiber creates an extremely fast and safe connection between the client’s office and the data center. One of the main advantages of a private fiber connection is the guaranteed performance it offers. The other main reason to choose private glass fiber is the fact that the data does not pass the public internet. This is a very safe way to transfer data, especially when combined with data encryption.

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