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Smartdc stands for performance, uptime and maximum security. The primary data center in Rotterdam has more than 12 carriers in-house, and a fully redundant N+1 power setup. The data center in Heerlen meets the same high quality standards as the Rotterdam data center, and is very suitable as back-up location, situated at >320ft above sea level.

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1 rack

Smartdc offers custom colocation, thank to our modular design. The data center is built out of different suites with 32 racks each. The combination of modular design, excellent connectivity, industrial power supply and skilled staff: that's Smartdc, performance data centers.
  • 46u secured rackspace
  • Peak load up to 32 Amps
  • Vertical PDU’s available
  • Own secure rack door
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1/2 rack

Looking for a scalable solution without compromising your physical security? Smartdc also offers ½ racks fully secured. Planning on expanding soon? It is possible to reserve the other half.
  • 20 U secured rackspace
  • Peak load up to 32 Amps
  • Vertical PDU’s available
  • Own secure rack door
  • Rack reservation possible
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1/4 rack

In need for a cost effective solution? Smartdc offers rackspace from a quarter rack and up.
  • 10 U secured rackspace
  • Peak load up to 16 Amps
  • Rack reservation possible
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Private Suite

Looking for a fully controlled environment with own power, cooling and fire prevention systems? Get your own autonomous suite within our Tier IV data center.
  • Fully enclosed space
  • From 16 rack and up
  • Own design specifications possible
  • Own cooling
  • Own power supply
  • Own fire detection system
  • Own security system
  • Option for extra security measures
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Uptime track record

At Smartdc, it’s all about uptime. We’re constantly investing in our infrastructure, to make sure our client’s services are always online.

Advanced data center in monumental factory building

Our state of the art data center is built in the Van Nelle factory. One big advantage of the industrial site is the industrial power supply; which allows us to offer high-density hosting

The skilled Smartdc technical team can respond quickly in case of hardware malfunction, when you're not able to visit the data center yourself.

Every suite is an autonomous mini-data center because of our modular design. Each with its own cooling, power supply, fire prevention and security measures.

Smartdc Rotterdam has two meeting rooms with glass walls, looking at the suites.

Our 6 emergency power generators can supply the datacenter's power supply for three days straight.

Damecon Jory van Dam

In the years we've been at Smartdc, we never had any downtime, but the main reason we're a client of Smartdc, is because of Smartdc's attitude: reliable, helpful and transparent.

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12+ carriers in-house

Smartdc houses the largest connectivity hub in the region. We are carrier neutral, which means you can connect to the largest carriers, transit providers and internet exchanges in the world. Choose your preferred connectivity mix from our state of the art meet-me-rooms (MMR).

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Certifications and awards

Smartdc is ISO and NEN certified, and has in 2017 for the fifth subsequent year been listed as one of the FD Gazellen, the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands.

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