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Green IT

SmartDC datacenters have the lowest PUE in the industry. Our unique cooling concept with closed cold and closed warm corridors feature N+1 adiabatic cooling for an PUE below 1.15!

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Get connected!

SmartDC has several of the highest quality networks and fiber providers to ensure excellent connectivity. Connect to Level3, Global Crossing, Cogent, Interoute and more.

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SmartDC datacenters have 24x7 security staff on-site and multiple layers of hardened security zones. Our facilities are yearly audited for the CDSA approval on content security and protection.

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Why choose SmartDC?

Green IT

SmartDC uses 100% durable local energy sources and features one of the best PUE ratings of below 1.15. Our unique cooling concept features industry leading efficiency.

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Our datacenters boast multiple security zones accessible only with access cards, 360 degrees cameras with motion tracking and 24x7 on-site security staff.

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We offer footprints, secure racks, wholesale suites and access to over 20 large Tier-1 and Tier-2 carriers and internet exchanges in our Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR).

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High capacity

All racks feature 2x 32 Amp (7 kW) power feeds and optimized high capacity cooling. Our MMR offers 2 Terabit/s external internet capacity on multiple premium Tier-1 carriers

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Our services

Secure rackspace
Private cages/suites

Secure rackspace

SmartDC offers secure rackspace in carrier neutral datacenters in The Netherlands - with 24x7 on-site security and support staff. Our services range from racks to private suites.

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Private cages/suites

Private colocation ranges from 10 racks up to 96 racks in a cage or suites. Depending on the business needs, the cage is pre-installed with racks and PDUs or as foot print setup.

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Our meet-me-room (MMR) features the worlds largest transits and carriers including Level3, Global Crossing, Cogent, Interoute, KPN, Tele2, BT, Hibernia, Colt Telecom, and Joint-Transit.

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Key figures

Our flagship datacenter in Rotterdam features 3,500 m² raised floor Read more on infrastructure »
Our meet-me-room houses the largest IP carriers world-wide. More on IP connectivity »
Redundant cooling and up to 10 kW per rack with our flexible busbar system More on power density »
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Transit connections

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NTT Communications


The largest word-wide IP network provider offers its back-bone connectivity inhouse.


A large world-wide IP network provider offers its affordable bandwidth

Global Crossing

The second largest IP network provider with astonishing connectivity to the Americas.


KPN is the largest Dutch carrier and offers metro connectivity, IP transit and layer 2 connectivity.


Manages and operates one of the best European IP networks connecting all European countries to the internet.

Colt Telecom

Enterprise IP provider with strong European focus.


The 5th Internet Exchange of the world offers an IP exchange, IP transit and MPLS connectivity.

NTT Communications

NTT Communications Corporation is renowned for its diverse information and communication technology.

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