Cloud Connectivity

Connect to over 12 public clouds directly from our datacenters with up to 10Gbps.

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High performance colocation

Performance oriented Data centers. Benefit from our excellent infrastructure, connectivity, expertise and support within our highly secured datacenters.

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Tour the DC

Do you want to take a closer look in one of our state-of-the-art data centers? No problem, we are happy to give you a guided tour. Our datacenter experts will guide you through our facilities.

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Scale public, private or hybrid cloud with our flexible solutions.

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Business Center Solutions

SmartDC offers tenants and business centre’s exclusive deals for high speed internet, colocation and storage services.

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SmartDC: Green IT

SmartDC datacenters operate on 100% durable local energy and boasts one of the best PUE and EUE ratings in the industry. Our datacenters operate below 1.15 PUE due to the use of high-efficiency UPS systems by APC and custom made adiabatic cooling, adapted to the high capacity demands in our datacenter suites. The adiabatic cooling process in our airconditioning systems uses outside air and water to cool and optimize the datacenter temperatures. Our datacenters are designed in a suite concept featuring both closed cold and closed warm corridors.

Green Durable Energy

Our datacenters operate 100% on green, durable energy from local sources. SmartDC build industry leading adiabatic cooling featuring up to 300 kW cooling per suite in N+1 redundant setups. Our cooling technique is extremely efficient and is recognized by the Dutch goverment with subsidies on design and build-out of our highly energy efficient datacenters.

SmartDC suite concept

Our datacenters are build in a suite concept featuring both closed warm and cold corridors. This setup has proven to be highly efficient on enery resources, risk minimizing and highest security standards. The suites are so well designed, the cooling in the cold corridors deliver cold air to all servers with lowest noise levels, lowest overhead on fans, no compressors and no liquid cooling chemicals.

More information on hosting in one of our green datacenters?

Contact your account manager for more information on how to source SmartDC rackspace and customize your infrastructure at SmartDC datacenters or e-mail SmartDC sales for pricing and availability.

Key Features

Green IT

  • 100% energy from durable resources
  • Closed cold- and warm corridors
  • Lowest PUE ratings: below 1.15
  • Generators N+1 with bio fuel

Green Cooling

  • Low energy, high capacity cooling
  • Adiabatic cooling, no compressors
  • No harmfull chemicals
  • Free air cooling
  • Innovating cooling solutions