T-Mobile - Unlimited possibilities


Telecom operator which provides fixed and mobile telephony services, including content and mobile broadband services, B2B telecommunication services, including cloud and other (IP, Ethernet) connectivity services, VPN, and IoT solutions.

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Enabling a society of unlimited possibilities

T-Mobile is a European telecommunications operator, present in multiple countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Romania and The United Kingdom. Since January 2019, Tele2 Netherlands has merged with T-Mobile to further challenge the telecom market by creating one of the largest mobile networks in the country.

Ever since T-Mobile was founded in 1999, they have continued to challenge the existing market. Today, their network enables mobile and fixed connectivity, telephony, data network services, TV, streaming, and global IoT solutions for millions of customers.

T-Mobile’s strategy in the consumer market is to increase customer satisfaction through more-for-more offerings, combined with video services across all markets, acting as an aggregator of great content.

Having become climate neutral in its own operations, T-Mobile is now focused on decreasing the environmental impact of its value chain, including vendors’ use of resources as well as customers’ reuse and recycling behavior. Advancing the circular economy can also provide T-Mobile with access to new business opportunities that are currently underserved in the marketplace.

Constantly transforming the way of working and thinking while collaborating with many businesses to increase impact, T-Mobile continues to connect people in the ways that matter most with a promise of unlimited connectivity and unlimited possibilities for their customers.

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