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Connect to over 12 public clouds directly from our datacenters with up to 10Gbps.

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High performance colocation

Performance oriented Data centers. Benefit from our excellent infrastructure, connectivity, expertise and support within our highly secured datacenters.

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Do you want to take a closer look in one of our state-of-the-art data centers? No problem, we are happy to give you a guided tour. Our datacenter experts will guide you through our facilities.

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Scale public, private or hybrid cloud with our flexible solutions.

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Business Center Solutions

SmartDC offers tenants and business centre’s exclusive deals for high speed internet, colocation and storage services.

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Calculate Power Usage

SmartDC uses custom made PDUs to meter and monitor power usage of footprint, racks and suites. A typical question our pre-sales engineers often hear is "what is the differences between kW and kVA and how much power is needed with a colocated rack to power the installed equipment?".

kW, kVA and power factor

The basic concepts are:
  • kilo; means 1,000. 1 kW or kilo Watt is 1000 Watt
  • Ampere; in one phase or three phases
  • Volt; usually 230 Volt AC
  • VA; the product of Volt and Ampere (apparent power)
  • Watt; the product of Volt and Ampere and power factor (real power)

The power factor

In electrical systems such as computer servers and UPS battery units, capacitators and inductors cause a shift in the voltage and current waveforms. The shift in the waveform is defined in the power factor, a value between 0 and 1, with 1 being the perfect power factor and optimal point. The lower the power factor, the more energy is needed to reach the real power usage. This means the apparent power (in Volt Ampere) is less than the real power (in Watt). Many servers have a power factor of 0.9 or less mainly due to the power supply transformer and conversion from AC to DC power for the motherboard and CPU.


A full rack comes with redundant 32 Ampere on 230 Volt (32A * 230V = 7,3 kVA) included. You have 20 servers with a power factor of 0.85 and these servers use 1A on 230V AC each. Total power needed is 20 servers * 1A * 230V / 0.85 = 5412 Watt or 5.4 kW. Every power group has a safe operating margin of 75% to prevent spikes in energy demand (such as booting up servers) to trip the breaker. The 7,3 kVA group may only be utilized for 5,5 kVA for safe margins. This example shows the servers can be safely colocated on a redundant 32A group (7.3 kVA) in our datacenter.

Talk to SmartDC

Contact your account manager for more information on power usage or e-mail SmartDC sales for a pricing and assistance on power calculcations.

Power at SmartDC


  • Racks on redudant 2x 32 Amps
  • A + B Feed
  • Modular Busbars power system
  • High density up to 63 Amps

Types available

  • 230 Volt AC 1 phase
  • 380 Volt AC 1 phase
  • 380 Volt AC 3 phase

The SmartDC Benefits

Green IT

SmartDC uses 100% durable local energy sources and features one of the best PUE ratings of below 1.15. Our unique cooling concept features industry leading efficiency.

Safety first

Our datacenters boast multiple security zones, 360 degrees cameras with motion tracking, electrical fences and 24x7 on-site security staff.


We offer footprints, secure racks, wholesale suites and access to over 20 large carriers and internet exchanges in our Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR).

High capacity

All racks feature 2x 32 Amp (2x 7 kVA) power feeds and optimized high capacity cooling. Our MMR offers 2 Terabit/s external internet capacity on premium Tier-1 carriers

Internet Backbone

Large Tier 1 internet backbones connect to the SmartDC Meet-me-Rooms. We offer direct connectivity to the 3 largest networks worldwide without 3rd party location dependencies.

Carrier Neutral Datacenter

Our Meet-me-Rooms offer over 20 international networks to connect to. SmartDC offers patching between carriers, ISPs, customers. Your account manager can assist introducing parties.

International Reach

The SmartDC Meet-me-Rooms offer direct connectivity to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Washington D.C., New York, San Jose and 30 more cities.

Open Marketplace

In our open Meet-me-Room marketplace connected parties negotiate pricing directly with carriers. All Tier 1 providers offer direct end-user connectivity and contracts.