Your data behind multiple security layers

A secure environment

Smartdc data centers have a strong focus on both digital and physical security to ensure the safest and most reliable environment for your business critical equipment.

Facility security measures

  • 24/7 on site security guards
  • Fenced perimeter
  • Speed gates on terrain entry
  • License plate registration on terrain entry
  • Datacenter built off ground level to prevent a ram-raid

Automated Security Systems

  • Electronic security system for 24/7 control of the facility
  • Access control through access lists
  • Intrusion detection and alarm system
  • Biometric security measures
  • Fingerprint scanners for access to different zones
  • Alarm systems on external and internal doors
  • Motion zones

Camera security

  • Indoor & outdoor digital camera system
  • Data center guard camera: detects motion and tracks/zooms on object
  • Data center guard camera: clear view even in dark/low-light conditions

Physical security

In addition to redundant power supply, cooling and fire protection, physical protection is one of the four foundations of our colocation services. By means of our physical security design, we ensure that we only limit authorized access to the colocation space. For this we have applied several security layers, each of which is provided with both organizational and electronic security measures. These measures are shown in the overview of security measures. The composition of these measures complies with the BORG 3 process certificate. In addition to being a certified security design, this certificate provides a sufficient guarantee with your insurer to place your hardware insured with us.

ISO and NEN certified

Ever since Smartdc was established, the security of the stored and processed information within the data center has had a leading role within its overall operational management. We put effort in safeguarding the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of our client’s assets. These three aspects are called the CIA triad which form the basis for information security. Where impact on the availability would be directly noticeable, impact on the confidentiality and integrity can have even bigger consequences.

To support the CIA triad Smartdc has implemented an ISMS based on the ISO 27001 and the NEN 7510. This ISMS consist of a framework of policies and procedures regarding the information security processes of Smartdc. Most important of the ISMS is that we have included all our internal as well as external processes. All measures taken so far in order to assure a safe and trustworthy storage and processing of data, led to the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certification of both Smartdc data centers.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the international standard for the setup of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). Obtaining an ISO certificate shows reliability and security of systems and information. It is published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This certificate shows that a company is able to identify cyber risks, apply these implications and additionally apply systemized controls to the system in order to limit any damage.

You can download the ISO 27001 certificate.

What is NEN 7510?

The NEN 7510 is a Dutch standard with regards to the security of medical information, specifically for the health care industry with a focus on patient data, which is based on the ISO 27001.

You can download the NEN 7510 certificate.

Questions about our security

We are continuously improving our security measures. If you have specific questions or specific wishes regarding the security of our business critical environment? Please contact our security officer for more information.

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We are continuously optimizing our security measures.

Michiel van der Donck – Security officer