Smartdc data center in Paris and Montreal

Smartdc expands internationally with new data centers in Paris and Montreal

Rotterdam: Smartdc is pleased to announce the addition of two data centers to its global footprint. With’s recent integration of Ubisoft Hosting Services (UHS), Smartdc, as the daughter company of, took over the management of two previously internal Ubisoft data centers— in Montreal, Canada and Paris, France. 

The two data centers were formerly used for low-latency use cases such as gaming and the internal mission-critical systems of Ubisoft. Due to the high-performance use of these data centers in the past, the two facilities come with top-tier power, cooling and security systems. Smartdc will be offering customized colocation solutions at both locations to provide customers the opportunity to utilize these proven systems for improved connectivity and IT infrastructure workloads.

Smartdc Paris: A major interconnection hub in Europe

Located in the thriving area of southeast Paris, with the presence of many major exchanges in the metropolitan city, Smartdc Paris features quality service and reliable connectivity to fulfill the colocation needs of all customers and allow them to tailor their connectivity strategy according to customized use cases. 

Immersion cooling, 2N redundancy and more

The Smartdc team is hard at work to make its Paris location the greenest data center in the city. In view of this, alongside running on 100% renewable energy, we’ve installed immersion cooling, available up to 500kW per footprint. Additional steps are also being taken to reuse heat generated by the data center, similar to the Smartdc Rotterdam Residual Heat Project, reducing the need for natural gas for heating buildings in the vicinity. 

Smartdc Paris is 2N redundant, which means that both its backup power and cooling are mirrored to provide full fault tolerance. A fully redundant A+B feed and cooling infrastructure guarantees constant temperature with climate control. The facility has a unique power connection, generally only available for hospitals in the Parisian region.

A state-of-the-art data center in Montreal

Smartdc Montreal is a high-performance data center located only a few kilometers away from the west bank of St Lawrence River. Smartdc Montreal follows all Tier III standards, which means it has multiple paths for cooling and power, with more redundant components throughout the year. Like other Smartdc data centers, Smartdc Montreal also operates entirely on renewable energy, in line with its commitment to operate with sustainability as a key concern.

Colocation with excellent connectivity in Montreal

Smartdc Montreal provides five in-house carriers, promoting seamless connectivity. The multiple carrier options allow customers to customize their infrastructure and colocation strategy to gain high performance and reliability, reducing the environmental footprint compared to other providers as a result. The data center features N+1 redundancy levels, making the data center resilient against outages and additionally energy efficient due to the focus on controlling the level of environmental impact.

Taking the next step in innovative data center practices

The addition of the two new locations to Smartdc’s growing global footprint allows customers to leverage multiple locations for global connectivity and colocation needs. The two data centers also feature cutting-edge colocation spaces, with a focus on a quality network ecosystem and our historic 99.9999% average uptime, making them a reliable option for all enterprise needs. This helps Smartdc double down on its mission of propagating a hybrid IT strategy while keeping sustainability and innovation as guiding principles. Smartdc will continue to invest in all locations to offer the best experiences for all customers.

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