BBIX expands its footprint in EU with Smartdc Rotterdam

BBIX expands its Internet Exchange into Smartdc Rotterdam

BBIX, a major proponent of the “No Peering, No Internet” principle, is expanding its footprint in Europe by establishing a Point of Presence at Smartdc Rotterdam.

Smartdc is pleased to announce the opening of a Point of Presence (PoP) for BBIX at our Rotterdam data center in the 1st quarter of 2024. Alongside several carriers and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) already on-net at Smartdc Rotterdam, the addition of BBIX cements Smartdc Rotterdam’s position as the main interconnection hub in the region. 

Cementing an established partnership

Back in 2015, BBIX was the first Asian IXP connected to the backbone network of (AS49544) in Tokyo, Japan. The decade-long relationship in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region has only gotten stronger for both companies since then, with also working with BBIX to establish a presence in Hong Kong and Singapore.

"Working as a team with Smartdc and has the power to double our energy to achieving our mutual purpose and accelerate the provision of carrier-neutrality and greater added values to customers around the world."

Smartdc — as a sister company of — therefore has a long history of collaboration with BBIX. The two have teamed up for the first time outside of Asia, yet for the same purpose as before: to bring communities closer together. This is in line with the shared vision of improving the network ecosystem and’s purpose of “creating a digital future and connecting global audiences”.

“BBIX has been unique to us in actively thinking along how to connect our network and build towards our shared purpose of creating a better internet.”

A carrier-neutral ecosystem in Smartdc Rotterdam

Bringing BBIX to Smartdc Rotterdam will further solidify its carrier-neutral approach and allow both old and new customers to benefit from the diversification of connectivity options. Smartdc Rotterdam’s meet-me room provides direct in-house connections to some of the biggest global carriers and IXPs, and BBIX, with direct peering to several important Asian residential network operators, is the perfect addition to improve reach in the Asia Pacific region.  

The focus of Smartdc has always been to provide redundancy from the Amsterdam metro area and build up a broad range of connectivity options as a carrier-neutral ecosystem in the region. This is done by supplementing connectivity options that are present in the Amsterdam metro area while operating independently (but in close proximity) for greater resilience and redundancy.  

Smartdc has maintained its carrier-neutral principles since its inception, providing customers with direct connections to international metro areas and edge locations for a wide variety of low-latency use cases. The focus on redundancy and security at all Smartdc data centers also ensures that Smartdc customers benefit from a rich connectivity ecosystem, high performance, reliability of service and continuous uptime.

About BBIX 

BBIX, Inc. is a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., specializing in IXP services, Roaming Peering eXchange (RPX) for MNOs, cloud connectivity and more to globally support clients to expand and back up the bandwidth with scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency. Since its establishment in 2003, BBIX has built a community to strengthen connectivity for clients in Asia and beyond for both ISPs and other businesses. Looking ahead to the further expansion of the use of computing resources, BBIX will continue to provide greater added value to customers around the world using the latest technology for 5G, the Internet of Things and IPv6.

About Smartdc

Smartdc offers performance-oriented data centers with an extensive in-house carrier ecosystem. With data centers in the Netherlands, Canada and France, Smartdc provides high-speed and secure colocation and connectivity services. All Smartdc data centers feature an on-site support team, a network operations center with optimal uptime and the finest technical solutions for your network connections. Smartdc has always strived to implement the best security and sustainability practices at its data centers. The Rotterdam data center utilizes 100% renewable energy and further reduces its environmental footprint with the innovative Residual Heat Project, saving up to 800,000 m3 of natural gas per year at the neighboring Van Nelle Fabriek, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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