Nedcomp and Smartdc: Cooperation for growth

Nedcomp uses colocation in the Rotterdam data center Smartdc. In 2010 the first contacts about hosting between Co&Co, the parent company of Nedcomp, and, the parent company of Smartdc, were made. Co&Co has been a colocation customer since 2011, they were one of the first customers of the data center.

Why Smartdc as a data center?

Before Nedcomp was taken over by Co&Co, they hosted in a different data center. In the search for another data center after the acquisition of Nedcomp by Co&Co, different criteria were considered during the selection process. From the start, quality, price, but also the location in Rotterdam were the most important criteria of the collaboration.

The Nedcomp office is also located in Rotterdam, so a data center in its own region was a logical choice. Thanks to the collaboration between Smartdc and, Nedcomp was also able to easily purchase connectivity and storage solutions from

After Nedcomp became part of Co&Co in 2017, it made sense for us to migrate our hosting to the Smartdc data center. It all went very streamlined and easy: a good start.

Ralf Brand, Team Leader at Nedcomp


For Nedcomp’s customers, hosting is an important part of business operations. For example, it can be about hosting SaaS solutions or internal software. They also hosts various healthcare institutions. These customers look for advanced solutions, which means that they place high demands on safety and certifications; after all, it is about the personal data of patients.
Securing data is therefore very important to Nedcomp. Nedcomp is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. Even the most sensitive data, such as patient data, are secured according the highest standards.

Through our ISO and NEN certifications, we meet all quality requirements. We also set these requirements for the data center where our equipment is located, so that we can give our customers sufficient guarantees in terms of reliability, safety and continuity.

Heleen Sluijs, Managing Director at Nedcomp

Smartdc pays a lot of attention to security measures and certifications. The data center is therefore ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. Read more about the security and certifications of Smartdc.

A relationship based on personal contact

Due to the growth Nedcomp is experiencing, the technical exchange of knowledge appears to be important in the collaboration with Smartdc.

We are happy that we have found a good sparring partner in Smartdc. Smartdc staff often think along with us. Together with the Sales team, among others, we look for solutions for customers. Even if we have a technical issue, we can quickly switch with the technical departments. The lines in our communication are short, we appreciate that.

Heleen Sluijs, Managing Director at Nedcomp

Customer contact is very important to Nedcomp. Sometimes Nedcomp’s customers already know exactly what they want and only need a hosting solution. On the other hand, there are also customers who still have many questions regarding their IT infrastructure. For these customers, various Nedcomp experts sit down with the customer to come up with a solution.

The personal relationship we have with the people from Smartdc is actually the biggest plus of the data center. Power and cooling are well regulated in most data centers. At Smartdc it is also about the people who work in the data center. Everyone can host, but we also want to make a difference with our staff for our customers through our services.

Ralf Brand, Team Leader at Nedcomp

About Nedcomp

Nedcomp Hosting has been providing hosting services since 1997. Nedcomp is a medium-sized Service Provider with a love for complex infrastructure solutions. The customers with whom they collaborate are mainly SMEs, healthcare and infrastructure sectors. Nedcomp is happy to help think about the best storage method for Saas providers or for internal applications. In addition, they like to collaborate with IT departments of organizations where “on premise” (in part) is transferred to a data center.

Together with the in-house specialists such as the infrastructure engineer and the system engineers, the best solutions are taken together in which the needs of the customer are central. Nedcomp is known for the fast and good service based on the principle: “If the customer is happy, we are too!”

Future of smaller customers at Smartdc

Smartdc and Nedcomp have started to collaborate into a partner program together. Companies that are too small for their own rack, or have wishes regarding VPS design and management, can always contact Nedcomp. With a team in Rotterdam that mainly deals with this type of customer, Nedcomp and Smartdc can offer the best services together. The development team in Meppel thinks along with the more complex issues and facilities.

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