Kwebbl relies on high-quality network solutions with high-quality hardware

Kwebbl is a cloud communication platform, specifically designed for service providers and IT distributors. Kwebbl’s platform offers various options and can be seamlessly integrated thanks to a full range of APIs. Due to the multi-tenant system, the entire “chain” of resellers, providers, customers (actual users) can use the Kwebbl platform.

Products used

Use cases

Kwebbl is chock-full with innovative features that help you deliver communications solutions around the world


WebRTC, Cloud communications


Service providers and IT distributors


HQ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands + 4 other countries

The challenge

As a globally operating WebRTC platform, Kwebbl needed a secure and global network with low latency in order to serve their end customers in the best possible way. The Kwebbl platform allows service providers and distributors to connect and to keep control of all incoming and outgoing calls in an easy-to-use environment. That is why reliability and connectivity are essential for Kwebbl. CTO of Kwebbl, Jochem van de Weerthof, heard about the Smartdc data center from his peers because of our well-known uptime and service quality.

Kwebbl already knew what they were looking for: a network solution with low latency. Working with the, we mapped out Kwebbl’s needs and problems, deciding which solutions would suit their network infrastructure best.

Quality is essential for Kwebbl, but we also do business based on a good relationship with our partners. Of course, business is business, but we clicked instantly with the Smartdc team.

Smartdc and - The ideal combination, our sister company, is one of the leading providers in the field of global video game hosting. Every day, millions of gamers use’s servers and network infrastructure. Many of these servers are housed in our Rotterdam data center. Due to the worldwide coverage of the network, it is also extremely suitable for WebRTC services.

Because Smartdc and work as one team, we offer a wide range of solutions – from colocation to network infrastructure. For Kwebbl, it was crucial to work with a company that offers its expertise in colocation, hardware, and networks.

The Solution

Kwebbl has been our partner from the very beginning, starting in 2013, when Kwebbl purchased 2 colocation racks in Smartdc Rotterdam. has set up the complete network environment, including a wave connection, dedicated servers, switches, and a fully redundant, direct connection between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Quality and uptime

The quality of products and service is paramount to Kwebbl, so they can guarantee the highest possible continuity of service to their customers, preventing any downtime. Kwebbl’s need for uptime aligns with our mission to make companies online 24/7. Our data center has a 99.9999% historical uptime, which is essential for WebRTC services.

CCO Kwebbl customer Smartdc

Because Smartdc and work as one team, We could utilize a wide range of solutions - from colocation to network infrastructure. For us, it was crucial to work with a company that offers its expertise in datacenter, compute, and network.

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