High availability and uptime are key for the customers of Snel.com

Snel.com (est. 2010) is a managed hosting provider that provides solutions for the customer’s infrastructure needs. Snel.com has a wide range of servers for customers who need infrastructure for software, websites, databases, or other projects. Snel.com currently manages 800+ servers worldwide. As the name suggests, their goal was to build an automated platform that would make Dedicated and VPS hosting quick and easy.

Products used

Use cases

IP connectivity, Colocation, Private suite


Hosting Services


Small and medium businesses, Marketing agencies, IT service providers, Hosting resellers


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Looking for a future-proof data center

Snel.com is a colocation customer of the Smartdc Rotterdam data center. Snel.com’s customers are primarily small- and mid-size businesses, mainly IT companies, software developers, software suppliers, and full-service marketing agencies. Therefore, business processes’ continuity, flexibility, and scalability are essential.

When Snel.com was looking for a new data center, the stability and reliability of the network with an excellent price to quality ratio were crucial. The office of Snel.com is located in Rotterdam, and a local data center is a logical choice since it’s more convenient to maintain the servers if a data center is located nearby.

Richard Boogaard and Musti Aslan in front of a rack in Smartdc
From a single rack to a private suite.
Musti Aslan (CEO Snel.com) and Richard Boogaard (MD Smartdc)

Musti Aslan, the owner of Snel.com, already knew Richard Boogaard, our Managing Director, before Smartdc was founded. At the time, Snel.com struggled with several network-related problems at other data centers, so they decided to move their data to Smartdc. Good relations with Richard Boogaard and our modern concept paired with quality equipment were all contributing factors.

Our Cloud Platform requires high availability and stability, which we find in the capable hands of Smartdc. We have used other data centers in the past where we've encountered problems regarding uptime and the stability of the facility and network. Luckily, these days are far behind us.

Snel.com has been a customer of our Rotterdam data center since its establishment in July 2012. They started with just one rack, and due to the company’s growth, they have expanded to a private suite with 11 racks of colocation. A private suite offers various benefits, like security: physical access to the racks is strictly limited. In addition, the suite can be customized; this scalability is ideal for future growth.

Snel.com utilizes our sister company, i3D.net for its internet connection. i3D.net is a provider of various infrastructure solutions. Because we are one team with i3D.net, we can join forces and offer optimal solutions together.

CEO Snel.com

"Our partners at Smartdc respond very quickly to requests. There are short lines, which means we can act rapidly and efficiently. Also, Richard Boogaard is an amiable and professional business partner, offering his know-how in many areas. We are delighted with the service, rarely experiencing any problems or downtime.​

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