Eurofiber - Fiber-optic digital infrastructure


A fiber-optic network covering the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany, with their own data centers in the Netherlands and France.

Available in data center:

Provider of leading digital infrastructure

Eurofiber is a Dutch/Belgian company that specializes in providing fiber optic connections for businesses. Eurofiber has more than 36 000 km of fiber optic cable installed in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, with several connections to Germany.

Eurofiber was founded in 2000 in Brussels, operating fiber optic rings between major cities in the regions. The company’s fiber-optic connections are used to connect office locations, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. The infrastructure of multiple mobile operators, energy companies, and IoT solutions are using Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network. More than 50% of mobile communication traffic in the Netherlands is transmitted through the Eurofiber network.

In 2017, Eurofiber launched DCspine, an interconnection platform for data centers. More than 70 data centers are now connected to this.

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