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A global high-performance hosting provider with its own low-latency network, offering solutions for Game Studios, IT Enterprises, and WebRTC.

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High-performance, low-latency, and a privately-owned global network you can trust.

i3D.net founder Stijn Koster set out to improve the gaming experiences of his friends by renting out consumer game servers. By 2004, i3D.net was a fully-fledged start-up in the center of Rotterdam, aiming to reach as many gamers as possible.

i3D.net’s rapid growth made them the biggest game server provider in the Benelux, and their network evolved from serving individual gamers to hosting multiple industries like logistics, healthcare, and WebRTC-based services, improving the online experiences of thousands of people around the globe.

i3D.net’s premium network consists of multiple Tier 1 providers and the largest internet exchanges in the world, ensuring ultra-low– latency and high performance. With over 40 strategically selected locations across 6 continents, reaching local regions with the lowest round-trip latency, i3D.net is present both in the most densely interconnected hubs in the world and less-connected regions.

i3D.net is a sister company of Smartdc and a part of the Ubisoft family.

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