SURF Cooperation - Together for the internet of the future


SURF is an association of educational and research institutions enhancing digital services and sharing the necessary knowledge to create a better web.


Technology association

Combining strengths and expertise to make the internet better for everyone.

SURF is a cooperative association of Dutch educational and research institutions working to acquire and develop the best possible digital services and encourage knowledge-sharing through continuous innovation. Together with member institutions, SURF ensures that the education and research community has access to the best and latest IT facilities for top-level research and talent development.

Thanks to their computing services and agreements with third-party providers, SURF offers network connectivity for IT facilities, secure and user-friendly access to related services and educational platforms, as well as storing, processing, analyzing, or visualizing large and complex research data. With their offering of training, know-how sessions, and tech advice-sharing, SURF provides the necessary knowledge and technology to create a better future for the internet.

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