Fiber to the office: corporate glassfiber

Corporate glassfiber

Many of Smartdc’s larger clients are connected to the datacenter with a private glassfiber connection. A private glassfiber creates an extremely fast and safe connection between the client’s office and the datacenter. One of the main advantages of a private fiber connection is the guaranteed performance it offers. The other main reason to choose private glassfiber is the fact that the data does not pass the public internet. This is a very safe way to transfer data, especially when combined with data encryption.

Custom solutions

When choosing a corporate fiber connection, there are multiple options. The most common solution is to purchase one or more wavelengths. Fiber wavelengths offer speeds up to 10Gbps, with a guaranteed bandwidth: there is no interference from other users on the connection.


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Dark Fiber

The most safe and reliable way to connect to the datacenter is through a dark fiber connection. Using this type of connection, the client only purchases the glass fiber connection. The client has to arrange its own hardware to light the fiber.

Smartdc has a lot of experience with realising dark fiber connections, and we can advise you about the possibilities. Smartdc has its own on-site network operating center (NOC), with skilled experts who can help you set up your connection, and advise and assist in case of unexpected problems with the dark fiber connection.

Advantages of dark fiber


  • Private non-shared connection
  • End-to-end encryption possible
  • Suitable for sensitive data


  • Speed up to 100Gbps
  • Equal download and upload speed
  • 100% guaranteed speed


  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Guaranteed capacity
  • Fast and easily expandable


For the glassfiber connections, we work together with several international and national parties. Our sales team can advise you about the best partner for your connection.

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