100% historical uptime in Heerlen

We connect to Frankfurt in 5ms

The fact that Smartdc operates from Heerlen, is not a coincidence. The geographic position towards Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels and Paris offers a lot of advantages for international connectivity. The data center has a direct connection to the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, with a <5ms latency.

Modular design

The data center in Heerlen, like the Rotterdam facility, has been built according to Smartdc’s modular concept. Each suite is a mini data center, with its own redundant power and cooling supplies, its own fiber connections, biometric access control system and its own smoke detection and fire extinguishing system.

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>100m above sea level

Many of Smartdc’s customers use the Heerlen data center as a backup location. Being over 100 meters above sea level, in reference to Normal Amsterdams Peil (NAP). Of course the Heerlen facility was built with the strict quality requirements that characterize Smartdc.

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Multiple carriers in-house

In the Heerlen data center, you can choose between different carriers.

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