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Smartdc Rotterdam data center enables substantial gas savings for UNESCO heritage site with its residual heat project

Smartdc's Rotterdam data center will be using residual heat generated by our servers to heat up the Van Nelle Factory and the offices within, reducing the usage of gas and electricity for heating, leading to reduced CO2 as a result.

Rotterdam, March 28th 2023 – Smartdc, a leading data center brand in the Netherlands, has taken another step towards making its Rotterdam data center more sustainable by replacing the cold-water machines used for cooling its servers with heat pumps as part of its residual heat project. 

The heat pumps will divert residual heat generated from the servers in Smartdc Rotterdam and use it to heat up the nearby offices in the Van Nelle Factory. This eliminates the need for traditional cooling units with a large carbon footprint to cool the servers at Smartdc. 

Smartdc’s Rotterdam data center is situated in the Van Nelle factory complex, a UNESCO heritage site, now repurposed to function as an office for over 100 companies. These offices use roughly up to 1 million m3 of gas each year. Smartdc’s Residual Heat Project can save as much as 80% of that amount[i] in the winter months, using the residual heat generated by the servers and effectively replacing the gas that was originally used for heating the offices. 

Beyond the substantial reduction in the carbon footprint of the offices at the Van Nelle Factory, Smartdc also stands to improve its own efficiency. The switch to heat pumps will improve the Rotterdam data center’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) from 1.35 to 1.15[ii], making the data center more efficient than it already was by reducing power consumption spent on cooling.

Smartdc has been working on reducing its carbon footprint since its inception, with all electricity needs currently being fulfilled by renewable energy sources. Smartdc intends to continue setting the standards of sustainability for data centers and will look to keep working with partners for the industry to play a fundamental role in the energy transition. 

About Smartdc 

Smartdc offers performance-oriented data centers with an extensive in-house carrier ecosystem. Smartdc Rotterdam is one of the largest data centers in South Holland with over 3500 m² of floor space. Smartdc Rotterdam provides an on-site support team and a network operations center, offering optimal uptime and the finest technical solutions for your network connections. 

With high-quality security, cooling and power structures in place, Smartdc is a trusted provider of services to clients requiring high-speed and secure colocation or connectivity services. Our clients include AAA game publishers, real-time communication platforms and various enterprise customers with stringent security and performance needs. Smartdc excels in the gaming market and wasw acquired by Ubisoft in 2019. Learn more about us at 

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For more information on this press release, please contact: 

Maurice Klapwijk 
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[i] Calculated using the yearly consumption of gas at the Van Nelle office complex.

[ii] Power Usage Effectiveness: The ratio which measures the efficiency with which a data center uses energy (lower PUE is preferable).

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